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Bienvenue à RobertSnytka.Absolutely.Exposed !

Robert Snytka

Hello! My name is Robert Snytka. Welcome to my site!

S'il te plaît, clique sur ma photo ou ici pour participer, mais UNIQUEMENT si tu as au moins 21 ans.

I live in Palm Springs, California the past 9 months have been off work due to the pandemic. I grew up in Michigan and lived for a long time in the NYC area. I have also lived in Florida, Chicago, Los Angles and just returned to Palm Spring in February 2020, for a project that has been cancelled. The pandemic has left me with time to spare and during this time I have taken up a more aggressive approach to being exposed on the internet.

I have done public exhibitionism for most of my life as I love being naked as much as possible, be it beaches, pools, subway cars, going to sex parties and the list goes on. So being locked down on and off out here in California it started me into getting more active on exposure on the internet. For years, I have done the zoom rooms and ring central thing, have an account on Chaturbate that I would broadcast at least monthly and am involved in a number of the sites on the internet. I figure this is as good a time as any for me to pursue the exposure and hope for a large exposure through fellows of my postings. Currently, I have been posting on telegram exposure channels, twitter, mostly, I am as you can see on a number of sites. Some are brand-new others I have had for years.

As you can see by the photos, I am unevenly proportioned with a micropenis, man boobs, and a big ass an interesting combination for a gay male.

Feel free to contact me with questions, further exposure requests, comments, humiliation, dares, or whatever is on your mind! Thanks for taking a look and hope to hear from you.

Et je suis tellement fière de faire partie de TheBestOf.Absolutely.Exposed !